ComStrat & Design Ltd is a consultancy firm that offers sustainable-trade advisory services mostly to SME agribusinesses, and renewable-energy firms in Africa and assistance to access available impact-finance from development programmes and subsidies – grants, challenge funds, venture capital and concessional loans.

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Our Support Areas

Business Plan Development

Assist in strategic business modelling for route-to-market optimization, market systems development, financial planning and access to investment funding.

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Sector & Market Studies

Conduct value-chain analysis and feasibility studies for private businesses and development institutions mostly for inclusive business and sustainable trade.

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Access to Impact-Finance

Advice organizations on available business support programmes and opportunities fitting their sustainable-trade profile and assist in concept and proposal development.Read More......

Stakeholder Capacity Building

We facilitate SME entrepreneur training on; business-plan writing, vertical-integration optimization branding strategy and finance management and reporting.Read More......

Projects and Programmes